How To: Organize Your Makeup Collection

14 April 2014

Confession time. My name is Sarah, and I am a makeup hoarder. What can I say? Some people collect stamps, I collect cosmetics. With so many products in my collection, I figured out pretty quickly that I would need an organized system to keep everything straight. So whether you have a whole stash of stuff like me, or a bit smaller of a collection, I’m here to help you figure out the best way to keep all of your makeup in its proper place!

Invest in an Organizer
As much as I love all my thrifty storage systems, sometimes I just have to leave it to the pros. I splurged a bit on this acrylic cosmetics organizer, but as you can see it definitely comes in handy for keeping all my miscellaneous items in separate compartments! Although the exact organizer I use is no longer available, I found some very similar (and affordable!) options in Hautelook's Vanity Essentials & Beyond event.

Plastic Storage Drawers Are Your New Best Friend
I seriously cannot even express how useful my little plastic stack of drawers have been! I like to use them for smaller items like single eyeshadow, lipgloss, and any other products that often get lost in the shuffle.  I scored mine at TJ Maxx quite awhile ago, but it might be worth a look!

Pencil Cups Aren’t Just for Pencils
I originally got the idea to put my makeup brushes in a spinning pencil cup from a YouTube beauty guru who actually kept hers in a utensil holder. After scouring the shelves of more stores than I’d like to admit for something similar, I finally found this little beauty! The one I have is another miracle TJ Maxx find, but I was able to track down another spinning pencil cup at Target!

Display Your Palettes with Pride
I used to just stack my palettes away in a drawer, until one day a light bulb went off and I realized they were tall and thin…just like a magazine! It’s great to have all my eye shadow colors easy to access and right there in plain sight in case a quick burst of inspiration hits.

I made an updated video! Click the video link below to learn the unexpected places I buy makeup storage, the unique way I organize my eyeshadow palettes, and tons more!



  1. Love this post i love seeing how others store their make up!

  2. I use that SAME spinning pencil cup :)

  3. My eyeshadow are starting to spill from it's drawers. I'll have to try the magazine holder idea. ( I love using those three tier drawer thingy for the small stuff too) I also have a 10 drawer cart half the size of a dresser filled with makeup.


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