How-To: Look Flawless In Photos!

12 March 2013

Okay girlies, time for us to fess up. We all have that one (or more!) truly awful picture of us floating around out there that we wish we could burn or delete off of social media forever. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do about those pictures that have already been taken (besides Photoshop), but there is hope! Throughout the years I've learned some really useful tips for looking your best in photos. From what to buy to how you should apply, I've got it all covered for you!

Apply Your Makeup In Natural Light
Artificial light can seriously alter the appearance of your makeup. I've had so many times where I think my makeup looks really subtle, and then I do a quick check in my car and my face is a complete streaky mess. I can't give you a super technical reason behind it, but what I can tell you is that artificial or dim light washes out the look of color on your skin. Of course, this doesn't mean that you have to go do your makeup in an open field or anything. Just open up your curtains and set up your makeup in front of a window and that should do the trick!

Stick with Mattes
Shimmery products tend to intensify and make skin look greasy with the flash of a camera. Even on the eyes or lips, any sort of glitter is likely to pick up light in an unflattering way. I actually like to take it one step further and take a matifying powder compact with me to any events where I know my picture will be taken.

Create Contrast
Try to avoid using any eye or lip products that are too close to your skin tone. For example, stay clear of nude lipsticks or brown eyeliner. A little bit of contrast in your look, like a bright lip stain or dramatic black winged eyeliner, will keep you looking vibrant in photos.

Test-Drive Your Look
Before going out, grab your digital camera and take a few self portraits to make sure that everything translates well on camera. That way, you can fix any mistakes and take note of what works for you. I try to do this before any occasion where I know people will be taking pictures to avoid potential Facebook tag disasters.

Have Fun!
My best pictures always come from moments when I am genuinely happy and confident. So get all dolled up, have fun with your friends, and smile!

Have any other tips for looking your best in photos? I'd love to hear what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Some of these tricks I have picked up in the last couple of years, but the one about doing my make up with natural light is really good advice which I had not though of before!

    I'm your newest follower :)
    Would love it if you visited my blog and maybe follow back?
    My Own Project

    1. You got it girly- just followed you! :)And thanks so much for the support!

  2. I tend to have the opposite problem when I apply makeup in our bathroom (which HAS no window) - I always think I have on tons of makeup and rub half of it off. Then I go into better light and it looks like I forgot my makeup. :/

    1. Hmmmm...not sure why that would be Rachel! I would still recommend applying your makeup in natural light, as any funky lighting issues in your bathroom won't matter once you're out and about!

  3. Thank you for the good advice. I shared this post on my facebook page and credited you. I am sure you will get some new followers, especially my olderst daughter! If you would like to check out the post I shared it is www.facebook.com/LaurebellePhotography . Thanks again!

    1. Thanks so much for the share Michelle! So glad you found this post helpful! I will be sure to check out your Facebook page! :)

  4. Sometimes when I do my makeup it's getting dark, or it's early in the morning before the sun is up. What should I do in that situation?

    1. Hi Anne, I noticed you haven't gotten a reply, yet. For me, I have an old makeup mirror that was my mothers. It has several different shades of lighting tints which are extremely useful. But if you don't have access to a nice makeup mirror with lights, I'd say check your makeup in different rooms of your house.
      Also, take that snapshot before you leave with a flash ON. If you still feel like you look completely different when you go out, I'd suggest investing in any lit mirror with white light or buy a bright white light to accompany your mirror. Some lighting tints, like browns & yellows, can give you a false sense of how you look. White as possible is your best universal bet!

  5. Even foundation looks so perfect in natural light y it s look too fair or too light in camera


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