September Beauty Favorites!

01 October 2015

Hello lovelies! This past month, I've been trying out a ton of new beauty products. Some were sent to me, some were purchased, and others were buried deep in my makeup drawer— unloved for far too long. So with that in mind,  I've decided to bring back my monthly favorites series to share my new holy grails! Read on to learn more about all of the beauty products I have been loving lately! 

The Best Highlighters for Every Budget

06 September 2015

Hi lovelies! I don't know if any of you have heard, but strobing is kind of a big deal right now. Lately, it seems like every cosmetics line out there is coming out with their own highlighting product. With so many options out there, it can be a bit daunting to find the perfect highlighter.

Luckily, I've done the work for you! Over the past couple of years, I have tested out nearly every highlighting product on the market. From $3 bargains to $45 splurges, read on for all of my top picks.

Sarah Breden's Apartment Tour

26 August 2015

Hi lovelies! It's been too long! As I mentioned in my last post, I have really been focusing on my new project, The Beauty Bar. However, the moment I moved into my new apartment, I knew that I wanted to give you all a tour before anyone else.

I just moved in a few days ago, so things are far from perfect. I'm one of those people that is constantly shifting things around, adding things in, and taking things out to make my space more functional. Hopefully, this little photo tour will give you guys a basic idea of the look I wanted to go for. Let's just go ahead and jump right in!

The Beauty Bar Is Here!

01 May 2015

Hi lovelies! Over the past couple of months, I've been giving a few hints here and there about a new project I'm working on. I am so excited that I can finally share all the details! Here is everything you need to know about my new website, The Beauty Bar:

The Beauty Bar is an innovative new project with a simple goal— to provide a place for women to join together and discuss all things beauty. Just like your local bar serves as a place for the community to get together, The Beauty Bar joins together an online community of passionate individuals who love all things hair, makeup, skincare, and nails. I've hired a team of amazing contributors, commissioned a graphic designer to make it all look pretty, and managed this new website every step of the way.

I love Sparkle & Mine with all my heart, and plan to continue posting my own articles and other randomness. However, I am so excited for this new opportunity to expand my horizons and share beauty insight from a community of knowledgeable, diverse women. The Beauty Bar will publish new content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Our first article is all about melt-proofing your makeup routine for the summer, and it's written by professional makeup artist and YouTuber Brittany Lima. Click the photo link below to check it out!

Hope to see you all there!

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