7 Deadly Sins of Beauty Tag!

24 April 2013

Hi girlies! So I know I'm a little late on this tag, but I just rediscovered it while reading CoutureGirl's blog and it sounds like a lot of fun! In case you're unfamiliar with tag posts or videos, one person starts a list of questions and then "tags" friends to answer those same questions and pass them along to their friends. This tag in particular is obviously all about the seven deadly sins but with a beauty blogger twist! Read on to see all of the questions and my responses!

Get Ready With Me! ♥ My Morning Makeup and Skincare Routine

20 April 2013

Today I'm going to finally be doing one of of my most-requested posts, my morning makeup and skincare routine! I'm pretty much the worst morning person you will ever meet, so my routine is a constant struggle between doing as much as I can to look good and getting as much sleep as I possibly can. Not gonna lie, sometimes the need for sleep wins and my makeup ends up thrown together in a rush (see my post on how to sleep in and still look pretty). So this post is definitely for the days when I'm feeling a bit more motivated!

Anyways, let's go ahead and get started!

Budget Beauty: Naked Palette Dupes!

17 April 2013

Unless you've been living under a makeup-free rock for the last couple of years, you've probably been hearing about (and wanting!) the Urban Decay Naked Palette as much as I have. The reason it's so popular? The Naked Palette has an amazing selection of neutral tones that not only look gorgeous, but have awesome pigmentation on the eyes as well. The only downside to this perfect palette? The $50 price tag.

That's why I've decided to put together a list of all of the best Naked Palette dupes that I have tried out!  Some of the palettes I will be mentioning are also a dupe for the Naked 2 Palette or the latest in the Naked series, Naked Basics. I know everyone has a preference between them, so I figured I might as well include all three in the mix!

The Best Sites to Shop for Trendy and Affordable Clothes!

10 April 2013

Happy 25th post girlies! I seriously cannot thank you all enough for all the love and support these past few months! I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such amazing readers and friends! I have a lot of really exciting things planned for sparkle & mine in the next few months, so I hope that you all will stick around and continue on this journey with me! Here's to 25 more posts!!

But anyways...on to the fun stuff.

Is it just me, or does anyone else enjoy shopping more online than in-store? I love that I'm able to shop from the comfort of my own home while avoiding the crazy crowds and pushy sales people that are usually found at the mall. And not only that, but there are also so many great online stores that don't have any retail locations in my area!

So I've decided to put together a list of all my favorite sites to find trendy clothes for seriously amazing prices! Some of these are a bit more well-known, and some are more up-and-coming but still definitely worth a look. Let's get started, shall we?

What's In My Makeup Bag!

08 April 2013

In the hours upon hours I have spent watching YouTube beauty vloggers and reading other blogs, I've noticed that "What's In My Makeup Bag" seems to be a pretty common (and fun!) topic. So I've decided to go ahead and jump on the bandwagon and give you guys a look inside my day-to-day cosmetics bag!

Since I generally use a small crossbody bag, I have to really pick and choose what products are essential in my little makeup case. There are a few key pieces I always need to throw in, and then a couple items that kind of rotate in and out depending on my mood, my look, and my favorites at the moment.

My Favorite DIY Spa Recipes!

05 April 2013

I have been absolutely overwhelmed and amazed by the popularity of my first DIY Beauty post. I just love that you guys love natural, chemical-free beauty recipes as much as I do! Sure, it may take a little extra effort to track down all the ingredients and mix them together. However, the results make them more than worth it! Plus, most of these ideas can be made for a fraction of the cost compared to their drugstore counterparts!

I just want to make a quick disclaimer that none of the recipes you'll find below are my original ideas. I've just discovered them throughout the past few months and tried them out to make sure they work as well as they claim to! In order to give proper credit to the incredible beauty gurus that originally came up with these recipes, I will simply be showing off a picture and linking you over to the proper website or blog. Everything listed here is the best of the best in my opinion, and I hope you guys will have just as positive of an experience with each and every one of these ideas!

My Favorite Things ♥ March 2013

01 April 2013

Happy April 1st, everyone! Is it just me, or did March seriously just fly by? It's been such a fun month and I have discovered so many awesome new things that I decided to start a brand new series of posts all about my favorite things each month. I'll be talking about everything from my favorite cosmetics and clothes to other random favorites like TV shows and food. So let's get started!
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