How To: Make Your Eyes Bigger and Brighter!

22 September 2013

Hello lovelies! Today I'm going to be sharing another one of my very favorite makeup tricks- how to make your eyes look bigger and brighter! As you can see from the picture above, applying eye makeup the wrong way can really shrink down your eyes no matter how big or small they naturally are. While on the other hand, applying it the right way does absolute wonders if you want to achieve that glowing, wide-awake look! And let's be honest, what girl doesn't? 

So let's go ahead and get started!

(More) Home Decor Finds Under $40!

15 September 2013

Hi lovelies! As I've been getting settled in my new apartment, I've really started figuring out what I like and what I don't as far as decor goes. Some of the items I originally purchased just aren't fitting in as well as I thought they would, and others have turned out to be even better than I expected! So today I wanted to share some of my favorite furniture and accent pieces- all for under $40!

The Best Sites to Shop for Cheap & Chic Shoes!

08 September 2013

Hello lovelies! I am so excited to be back! It's been a hectic few weeks with moving into a new apartment in a new state and starting school, but I can't wait to use all of my experiences as inspiration for future posts! In the meantime, I wanted to bring you guys a brand new edition of one of my most popular posts of all time! Only this time around, I'm giving it a shoe lover's twist!

So without further adieu, let's go shopping for some cheap & chic new shoes!

School Sparkle: 4 Quick & Easy Heatless Hairstyles!

03 September 2013

Hi lovelies! Can you believe how much Summer has absolutely flown by? For most of us, it's already almost time to go back to school! So while I take a few moments to mourn the end of another summer break and gear up for the new year, I'll be bringing you guys a brand new series of back-to-school posts courtesy of some of my very favorite guest bloggers! 

Next up is Carly Tati with some super chic time-saving hairstyles!
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