How To: Make Your Eyes Bigger and Brighter!

22 September 2013

Hello lovelies! Today I'm going to be sharing another one of my very favorite makeup tricks- how to make your eyes look bigger and brighter! As you can see from the picture above, applying eye makeup the wrong way can really shrink down your eyes no matter how big or small they naturally are. While on the other hand, applying it the right way does absolute wonders if you want to achieve that glowing, wide-awake look! And let's be honest, what girl doesn't? 

So let's go ahead and get started!

1. Lighten Up
Since the eye area naturally has lots of depth and shadowing, bring in some light by applying a highlight color to the inner corners and waterline of your eye. I like to apply a shimmery cream-colored eyeshadow to the inner corner with my finger to create a well-blended, soft highlight. For my waterline, I typically use a pencil at least 2 shades lighter than my skin tone to create that fresh and awake look. Some people prefer using a stark white, but I find that can look a bit too obvious and harsh.

2. Lengthen Those Lashes
For a baby doll wide-eyed look, it's important to choose a lengthening mascara that will define and separate your lashes without clumping them up. Applying mascara on both top and bottom lashes will really make your eyes pop even more. I'm personally not a huge fan of false lashes, but if you feel comfortable using them they are certainly another great option to really amp up the length of your lashes. 

3. Contour Correctly
When applying your crease eyeshadow, be sure to extend it up above your natural crease line. This will create the illusion of a much larger, more well-defined eye. I generally like to stick with a medium-brown crease color as I find that it mimics the look of a natural shadowing. 

4. Eyebrows are Everything
I've said it before and I will say it again, a well groomed eyebrow really frames your whole face and can make or break any eye look. I like to fill in my brows with powder and then keep them in place with a clear brow gel.

5. Line with Caution
Now some might call this a little extreme, but I actually have a rule that I will not touch my bottom lash line with any eye liner. Instead, try using a brown eyeshadow to subtly define the bottom of the eye without creating any harsh lines. This trick also works great because it creates a shadow lower down, making the eye appear much wider than if you were to draw a thin line right below the lashes (notice the huge difference in the photo above).

And those are all of my favorite tips and tricks for bigger, brighter eyes! I'd love to hear any other secrets you have in the comments below!

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  1. I love the inner corner trick! I use it all the time

    xx- missmacbeauty.blogspot.com

  2. This is an awesome trick :D I'm a new blogger, would you mind checking out my blog so I know what you think? By the way, you're my favorite beauty blogger ever and you've inspired me so much!



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