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28 May 2013

Hi lovelies! In case you couldn't tell, I've been pretty obsessed with tags lately. I think they are just super fun and a great way for you guys to get to know me better, and for me to get to know my fellow bloggers better as well! This tag in particular is great because it includes a lot of questions that I get asked on a regular basis anyway, so now I'm just covering them for everyone to see on one handy post!

By the way, I got the tag from the wonderful Missglamorazzi! And with that being said, let's go ahead and get started!

1. How do you feel about getting bigger in the blogging world? 
I don't really like to think of my blog as getting "bigger" or define it by any numbers. I like to think of each and every one of my readers as friends that come on here to chit-chat with me about girly things like beauty and fashion. So I feel great about it, because I am constantly meeting amazing new people and doing what I love!

2. Did you think you would get so many readers? 
Not at all! I started this blog because I just had such a passion for all this stuff and I wanted somewhere to be able to share my thoughts. I love that there are so many other girls out there who like to read and chat about the same things I do!

3. Do you answer all of your comments? 
I definitely try my best! My feeling is that if someone takes the time out of their day to read one of my posts and write a response to it, then I should be able to take the time to answer them back. I have to admit though, lately my responses have been a little delayed and I do apologize for that!

4. How do you handle any hate you get?
Honestly, I have not gotten any "hate" yet. That was something I was so nervous about when I first made this blog and really put myself out there, but it just hasn't been an issue. The response from everyone has been amazingly positive and I am so grateful for that!

5. How much time do you invest in your blog?
It honestly depends on what kind of post I'm writing. Something like this that's a bit more informal typically takes me about an hour or two between writing it up and creating an image to go along with it. But then posts that are more formal and detailed, like a monthly favorites or a how-to, typically take upwards of 6 or 7 hours to get done. But I absolutely love it, so it's fun work!

6. Do your parents know about your blog? 
Yes they do! In fact, basically everyone I'm close to does at this point. It was kind of a weird process at first telling everyone about it. For like the first month or two, I didn't want to tell anyone at all because I felt really self-conscious about them seeing it. Then I told my Mom, and she reacted so positively that I just sort of started slowly telling other people as well. It's hard because I don't want to sound braggy, like "look at me, I'm a blogger", but I'm proud of my blog and I like to share it!

7. How do you become a more successful blogger? 
I get asked this quite frequently, and I always tell people the same thing. Success is different for everyone, and my definition of being a successful blogger may be very different than yours. For someone, it might just be getting the courage to start a blog and overcome their insecurities. For someone else, it may be to get a certain number of views or followers. No matter how you define success, the only way you'll be able to achieve it is by working hard and doing what truly makes you happy. So keep writing posts about the things you love, spread the word as far as you can, and I promise that success will come!

8. What do you love about blogging?
I know this sounds super cliché, but seriously...everything! I love being able to talk about all my favorite things. I love meeting so many awesome new people that inspire me every single day. I love learning new things and being able to share them with all of you. I love getting new opportunities I'd never even dreamed of and using my blog to make a difference. I love reading comments telling me that I helped or inspired someone, even in the most insignificant way. I love it all.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this tag as much as I enjoyed writing it! I tag:
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...and YOU! ♥ 

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