School Sparkle: Space Savers for Your Dorm!

28 August 2013

Hi lovelies! Can you believe how much Summer has absolutely flown by? For most of us, it's already almost time to go back to school! So while I take a few moments to mourn the end of another summer break and gear up for the new year, I'll be bringing you guys a brand new series of back-to-school posts courtesy of some of my very favorite guest bloggers! 

Next up is Emma from It's Emma Elise to share some seriously amazing storage solutions for your living space!

Whether you’ll be living in a cramped dorm room or a slightly more spacious apartment, these cute storage solutions will help you organize with style.

Bed Risers 
With Electrical Outlets Raising your bed by even a few inches can provide much more storage space than you would expect! These handy bed risers come with electrical outlets. Plug in your phone charger, laptop charger, and more. This is such a brilliant idea!

(7-Inch Power Bed Riser, set of 4, $24.99, Bed Bath & Beyond) 

Beauty Organizer 
This is an easy way to store all of your beauty products within reach. Customize your organizer with a monogram, and it will have definitely earned a spot on your dresser!

(Ultimate Beauty Organizer, $59, PB Teen) 

Chair Pocket Organizer
This excellent organizer slips over the back of your desk chair, allowing you to create more space for notebooks and school supplies. With five storage pockets, you can fit your calculator, water bottle, and almost anything else! 

(Aussie Pouch Dorm Chair Pocket Denim, $24.95, aussiepouch.com) 

Colorful Command Hooks
In most dorms and apartments, it’s best to avoid nailing thing into the walls. These hooks (along with the rest of 3G’s Command Hook line) are the perfect alternative. They leave no marks or damage on your walls, can hold a surprising amount of weight, and now come in fun colors!

(Command Medium Designer Hooks, $3.99 each, The Container Store) 

Magnetic Containers
Small desk essentials (paper clips, push-pins, rubber bands, etc.) can be really aggravating if they are continually spilling all over you desk. That’s where these handy magnetic storage tins come in! Just stick them on a magnetic surface, like a mini-fridge, for a quick and simple storage solution. 

(See & Store Containers And Strip, $12.99, The Container Store) 

Collapsible Step Stool 
In a small living space, it’s important to make use of any storage space available. Usually, that includes hard-to-reach spots, like the shelf at the top of your closet. This step stool will come in handy when it comes time to retrieve those items!

(Fold Away Step Stool, in Circa, $19.99, dormify.com) 

Hanging Shoe Storage 
So you made the mistake of bringing every pair of shoes you own, and now you can’t find a place for all of them to fit! Save space and keep you shoes organized with hanging shoe storage in your closet. Your shoes will be out-of-the way, easily accessible, and stored in style! 

(Notudden, $9.99, Ikea) 

“Little Black Dress” Organizer 
Every college girl should own the perfect little black dress. This organizer can hang in your closet, right alongside its wearable counterpart! Store your jewelry and hair accessories in this fashionable organizer. 

(Little Black Dress, $20, umbra.com) 

Jewelry Hanger 
Don’t let your precious jewelry take up valuable dresser space! Display all of your pretty pieces with this hanger. You’ll be excited to accessorize, now that your necklaces aren’t in a tangle! 

(Just HangIt Original, $9.99, dormify.com) 

Stackable Baskets 
From textbooks to late-night snacks, you can store anything in these baskets! The best part is how they stack on top of one another, in order to save space. 

(Our Large Stack Basket, $8.99 each, The Container Store) 

Patterned Storage Baskets
Store off-season clothing or extra linens in this fun chevron basket. Mix and match the different colors to complement your bedding. It’s a mini room makeover and storage solution, all in one! 

(Large Zig-Zag Basket, $21.95 each, The Land Of Nod)

Over-Door Hamper 
In a dorm or small apartment, space is pretty tight. Don’t waste valuable floor space with your hamper. Hang it over a door instead! 

(Dazz Over The Door Hamper, $9.99, Bed Bath & Beyond) 

Hanging Vanity 
Instead of competing for the bathroom mirror, save yourself the hassle with this adorable, over-door vanity. This hanging beauty will help you organize your makeup and jewelry, which makes getting ready a breeze! 

(Over-The-Door Vanity Station, $69.95, Urban Outfitters) 

Over-Door Shower Caddy
 Dorms and apartments typically have industrial shower heads. This means the typical shower caddy won’t hang over your shower head. Now, there’s a caddy to hang over your shower’s stall door instead! 

(Overdoor Shower Caddy, $29.99, The Container Store) 

Shower Caddy/Makeup Bag
Save space and money with this 2-in-1 product. It acts as both a shower caddy and makeup bag, helping you to stay organized in the bathroom. 

(Stuff Bucket Bathroom Tote, $14.96, dormco.com) 

I hope you all have a great semester! Make sure to follow my blog, and connect with me on all my social networks. I post daily about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, wellness, and everything in between! You can find all my links below. 

Stay beautiful! ♥emma 
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  1. Great ideas!! Dorm rooms are definitely cramped and these would help a lot! I will def be checking some of these out! :)

    1. So glad you found this post helpful Hannah! :)


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