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27 December 2013

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! My gift to all of you beauties this season is a round-up of some of my all-time favorite makeup hacks! These tips and tricks are all about finding new and better uses for the products you already have. From longer wear to higher impact, these hacks are designed to make your products work better for you!

Source: Beauty High
Hack #1: Conceal Correctly
In order to create a seamless, brightened undereye look, it's important to extend concealer past your dark circles. I swear by the inverted triangle trick, which is basically exactly what it sounds like. Swipe your undereye concealer straight across the width of your eye, down the length of your nose, and then connect the two sides to create a triangle shape and fill in the rest!

Extra Credit: Use a brisk dabbing motion to blend in the concealer instead of rubbing. It prevents pulling of the skin and concentrates more product in the desired area.

Source: Live Gorgeous
Hack #2: Base Matters
After applying eye primer, start your eye shadow routine off by applying a white base color. It will create a foundation that allows shadows to display their true color, as opposed to the one created when put directly on top of your skin tone.

Extra Credit: Save time and money by using this white eye shadow base from Nyx that works as a primer as well.

Source: Lauren Conrad
Hack #3: Powder Up
To make your lip color last all day or night, hold a tissue over your lips and dust the area with translucent powder. With this trick, you'll never have to buy a special long-wearing lip product again!

Source: Her Campus
Hack #4: Fake Wide-Awake
Give your tired eyes an instant pick-me-up with a little white or cream liner on the waterline and the inner corners of your eyes.

Extra Credit: Dab a bit of the color just above the cupid's bow of your top lip to add fullness.

Source: Beauty Tips 4 Her
Hack #5: Amp Up Your Mascara
For the longest lashes you've ever seen, apply a coat of mascara and then follow up by spreading baby powder on the tips of your lashes with a q-tip. Then, apply a second coat of mascara on top. The mascara will stick to the baby powder, adding on some serious length!

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  1. I always find that whatever I put in my waterline comes off within an hour or two, but I love using a nude color there to brighten the eyes. Which one are you using right now?

    1. I use Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils in Milk or Cottage Cheese! They don't necessarily last all day, but I do get a few hours of wear. If you're feeling really ambitious, you can also take a small eye makeup brush and apply a bit of powder eye shadow on top to set it.

  2. These are great tips that I've never heard of before, especially the baby powder one! Lovely blog!

  3. When i apply mascara i first heat up a lash curler then apply it to the lashes lifting up while it curls. Then i apply one normal amount of mascara, let it dry then i apply a waterproof mascara on top of it...I have twice the lashes now in length and fullness!

  4. Thanks for sharing hack # 4; this will be useful to sleepless ladies out there!

    ~Pauline @Kallony

  5. I'm new to your blog and I just fell in love with it! These tips were great and I've been enjoying reading all of your other post!

  6. Love this! I even included in in my most recent link roundup: http://itsemmaelise.com/post/77678487161/massive-list-of-links-part-9
    Thanks for posting!


  7. wow i will definitely be trying all of these! aribooxo.blogspot.co.uk xo

  8. awesome tips! just found your blog through Pinterest and I LOVE it.


  9. Just found your blog through Pintrust and i love it too. Can you explain #3 a little better ? I don't understand why you should hold the tissue over your lips, how can you get the powder to them if they are covered by the tissue ?


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