Francesca's Friends & Family Event!

17 August 2014

Hello lovelies! As you all know by now, I absolutely love Francesca's. Though you can find their boutiques all across the country, each store has a super unique vibe and a huge selection of chic (and affordable) clothes and accessories. So when I heard that Francesca's would be hosting a Friends & Family Event with 25% off, prize drawings all day long, and sweet treats- I knew I'd have to stop in.

And I am so glad that I did! I found tons of cute pieces, snacked on yummy food, and chatted with some wonderful Francesca's team members! In case you missed the event, here's a quick look at my day:

The adorable sign that greeted me outside the store! 

The super sweet Francesca's team members that greeted me inside the store!

This store is seriously statement necklace heaven!

It's also filled with tons of cute clothes!

With so many options, I had a little bit of trouble narrowing it down.

The pieces that made it to the fitting room! 

I'm seriously obsessed with this Carrie Bradshaw-esque skirt!

And how cute is this bow back blouse?!

Before I checked out, I couldn't resist grabbing some treats by the register!

I also couldn't resist taking one last look around the store!

I hope you all enjoyed sneaking a peek at my shopping trip! If you shopped at Francesca's Friends & Family Event, I'd love to hear what pieces you scored in the comments!

Disclaimer: I was approached by Francesca's to blog about their event. In exchange, I received a gift card to use towards my purchase. All opinions are my own, and I genuinely love Francesca's. The gift card was just an added bonus!

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  1. Are those scarves in the last pictures I see?? If so I need immediate information on the store's opening hours, the address, webpage, social media links, owner's names...give me the dets!!!
    So amazing. I must have everything.



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