Sarah Breden's Apartment Tour

26 August 2015

Hi lovelies! It's been too long! As I mentioned in my last post, I have really been focusing on my new project, The Beauty Bar. However, the moment I moved into my new apartment, I knew that I wanted to give you all a tour before anyone else.

I just moved in a few days ago, so things are far from perfect. I'm one of those people that is constantly shifting things around, adding things in, and taking things out to make my space more functional. Hopefully, this little photo tour will give you guys a basic idea of the look I wanted to go for. Let's just go ahead and jump right in!

The first space I want to show is my living room. I am renting this apartment furnished, so I kind of had to work with what was given to me— including a green armchair. Although initially I was not very excited about a green chair, I actually ended up building my entire color scheme around it. I decided to make the space bright and preppy, with pops of hot pink and kelly green throughout.

Throw Pillows: Joss & Main, Target

Gold Sea Urchin: Target

Throw Pillow: Target

Pineapple Container: Joss & Main

Prints: TJ Maxx / Mirrors: Joss & Main

Now, let's move into the kitchen. I haven't done a lot in here so far, mostly because I don't spend a lot of time in the kitchen area. I'm a busy girl, and I have to admit that most nights are just takeout or mac n cheese. I did add a fun touch with my little bubblegum candy jar. I'm always snacking on candy, so I love to have some on hand at all times for myself and guests.

Mug Set: Lilly Pulitzer for Target / Candy Jar: TJ Maxx

I'm still figuring out what I'd like to do with my dining table, but for now I just added some flowers in a gold mason jar that one of my crafty friends made for me

Faux Flowers: Joss & Main

Now that we're done with my main living space, let's move into the bedroom. Once I realized how colorful the rest of my apartment was becoming, I decided that I wanted to make my bedroom a very calming, retreat-like atmosphere. I stuck with mostly whites, creams, and metallic accents.

Comforter: Hautelook

Throw Pillows: Target, Marshalls, Hautelook

Jewelry Organizer: Marshalls

Pineapple Ring Dish: Charming Charlie

Acrylic Drawers: Marshalls

Vanity Organizer: Hautelook

Spinning Cup: TJ Maxx

That does it for my apartment tour! If you have any questions as to where anything is from, leave a comment down below!

Sarah Breden shows her apartment. Apartment tour for Sarah Breden. 


  1. I just moved into a pre-furnished apartment myself actually and I really love the accents and colors you added into your place. I am so jealous of your beauty bar. It's fantastic and all of those brushes <3 LOVE!

    1. Thanks Meagan! Best of luck decorating your new apartment!

  2. Your apartment is beautiful. I love your decor & your beauty bar looks like something out of Sephora.

  3. I love your makeup organizer! Everything is beautiful!

  4. How nice! What a great apartment! You're quite the minimalist! I wish I was haha. But I see your walls and just think of all the things I could put on them haha 😉 It looks just lovely. Your makeup organizers are fabulous!

    1. Thanks Miki! I'm here for less than a year, so I didn't want to bring too many large pieces for the walls. It is tempting though!

  5. Hey there Sarah! Loving all these pictures of the apartment. The rooms are so clean and so organized, almost looks too good to sit in some places. I am in love with that kitchen floor. It really breaks up the white in the surrounding room. That apartment must be a breeze to keep clean, no clutter, no mess, love it!

    Veronica Perry @ First Fairway Realty

  6. Where is the necklace holder from with the bird on it?

    1. I believe I got it at Cotton On a few years back!


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