The Best Makeup Under $5

08 January 2016

Hello lovelies! Lately I have been getting tons of tweets and comments requesting more affordable makeup recommendations, so your wish is my command. Though it may seem like $5 won't get you very much nowadays, some of the best beauty products out there come from the most unexpected (and affordable) places. So skip that venti latte at Starbucks, and spend the cash on one of these budget-friendly beauty products instead!

1. Colourpop Super Shock Shadow
I know I've already raved about these eyeshadows in a favorites post, but these guys are worthy of a million mentions! Colourpop shadows are unlike anything I have ever tried. They aren't a powder, but they're also not a cream. They are almost like a squishy, fluffy mousse that gives the most insane level of pigment. If you are on a tight budget and can only try one or two, definitely go for the metallic finish. The shimmery shades are the most intense and look gorgeous all over the lid or as a highlight.

2. Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation
I have tried just about every super affordable foundation out there, and honestly, you get what you pay for with most of them. However, Rimmel Stay Matte is the exception. The formula feels really thick at first, but it blends out beautifully to a medium coverage. It reminds me a lot of my beloved Jouer Matte Moisture Tint in terms of finish and texture, but for a fraction of the price.

3. NYX Butter Gloss
Out of the ungodly amount of lipgloss I have in my collection, I always find myself reaching for my butter gloss. This has been a long-time favorite of mine, and for good reason. It's creamy and smooth with just the right amount of pigment for a gloss. And the best part? It's not sticky! That is my biggest pet peeve in a lip product, and this one passes my wind-in-the-hair test with flying colors.

4. Wet n Wild Eyeshadow
You seriously cannot go wrong with Wet n Wild eyeshadows. Find a single shadow or palette with colors you like, and I guarantee it will be buttery smooth and richly pigmented. I don't know what kind of witchcraft is found in these shadows to make them so incredible yet affordable, but I have decided to just accept it and enjoy the beauty.

5. Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer
With all of the gimmicky concealers launching lately, this unassuming little guy can easily get lost in the shuffle. However, it is absolutely worth a look. Maybelline's Fit Me! is light, creamy, and provides buildable coverage that doesn't cake up. It's perfect for concealing dark circles under the eyes, rivaling some high-end favorites like Urban Decay Naked Skin and NARS Radiant Creamy.

6. NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder in Sunny
It took me awhile to hop on the bandwagon for this bronzer—but let me just say that it is worth all the hype and more. This natural, matte shade somehow avoids typical bronzer pitfalls like the dreaded muddy face or streaky application.

7. Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara
I use this brow gel every single day, regardless of whether or not I'm doing a full face of makeup. It takes two seconds to run this through your brows, yet it makes a world of a difference. This gel keeps your eyebrows looking polished and groomed without getting sticky or crunchy. Even if this is the only $5 you ever spend on makeup, it's money well spent.

That's all for my favorite products under $5! If you'd like to see more posts like this, let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SarahBreden. Hope you all are having a wonderful start to the new year!


  1. I have been looking for so long for a concealer similar to the NARS radiant creamy concealer, just at a more affordable price... I will definitely have to try out the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer- Sounds great!


    1. It's a great dupe! Let me know how the concealer works out for you!

  2. These are amazing picks! I love the NYC bronzer and the NYX butter glosses are the best!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup


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