5 Nail Polish Trends to Try!

20 February 2013

Matte (via Vampy Varnish)
Almost every nail polish line is clamoring to come out with their own version of this chic matte look. All you have to do is apply it over normal polish like a topcoat!  

Sparkle Ombre (via A Polish Addict)
This look is a little more tricky to get just right, but definitely do-able with a little practice. Let the base color dry completely, then grab a tiny dab of clear glitter polish and apply it in small amounts at a time from top to bottom. The amount of polish on your brush should naturally dwindle as you reach the bottom of the nail, leaving you with just a hint of sparkle. 

Dual Colors (via Pinkbeauty)
This one is super simple, just use tape to diagonally cover half of your nail!

The Modern French (via Popcosmo)
Just like the picture shows, all you need for this one is a fun polish color and some hole punch reinforcement stickers that you can get at any office supply store!

Color Gradient (via Gotham Polish)
If you're a nail polish junkie like me this will be the easiest idea yet! Just pick out 5 shades in the same color family (one for each finger) and paint them on from lightest to darkest. 

Have any other nail polish ideas for spring that I forgot to mention? Feel free to add them in the comments! 


  1. There is also the more recent trend of border nails, although I think they are close to impossible to perfect > <

    1. Agreed, the border nails are super cute but look like they are nearly impossible to do lol!


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