Get This Necklace!

19 February 2013

So yesterday I was just strolling through the black hole of amazingness that is Target, and I came across these adorable necklaces! I was literally just looking at a necklace at J. Crew that looks exactly like this, except way more expensive. At my Target location, it was available in 4 colors- black and gold, cream and gold, neon yellow and silver, and orange and gold. I decided to scoop up all but the orange, because I had to make myself feel like I had some self-control. But seriously, how cute are these?! Online they are selling for about $7 on clearance, and in-store I got mine for $6 each. I would definitely suggest heading over to your local Target or just ordering them online!

What clearance deals have you scored lately? Let me know in the comments below! 

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