My Favorite Budget-Friendly Looks for Class!

06 October 2013

Hi lovelies! So I have a confession. In high school I used to rock sweatpants and a hoodie to class almost every day. It wasn't that I didn't like getting all dressed up, it was just that I was a little too lazy to make the effort to dress up at 7 a.m. But now that I'm a little older, a little more fashion obsessed, and my classes start a little later, I really enjoy putting together fun outfits for school! Of course, as a college girl on a tight budget I definitely have to find ways to look high end on a super low budget, and today I want to share a couple of my current favorite looks with you!

Keep in mind, since I scored some of these pieces months ago, they are not all still available online. So I just went ahead and included a link to the most similar item I could find, or marked the piece as unavailable and linked to the store it's from!

Outfit #1
I absolutely love the combo of a classic, almost masculine chambray shirt with super girly pastel pink & gold accessories! I know pastels are typically more for spring, but I say break the rules and rock 'em year round!

Outfit #2
Lately I have been completely obsessed with these mustard ballet flats! They add such a fun pop of color to any outfit, but I especially love them with this anchor blouse!  

And those are two of my favorite affordable outfits for class right now! Now I'd love to hear all about your favorite school looks! Sound off on the best stores, new items, and anything else your heart desires in the comments down below! 


  1. I love that you paired your looks with FLATS! Other (heeled) shoes just look so impractical to wear to class every day! Love both outfits and you have increased my need to jump on the chambray bandwagon ;) Cute!

    Megan @ Never Finished

  2. Great outfit ideas! I nominated you for the Sunshine Award :)


  3. I love these super casual outfits! I've been trying to create outfits for under $100 on my own blog thoughtsofglam.com but it's great to get some inspiration. Keep up the great posts!

  4. Great outfits! I especially love that polka dot denim shirt.


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