The Best Stores to Shop for Cheap & Chic Workwear

13 May 2016

Hello lovelies! Many of you have likely seen on social media that I recently graduated from university. As I make the transition into real world, I've found that my wardrobe is seriously lacking in smart, stylish pieces that can take me from the interview to the office. So I questioned some of my most fashionable friends, made a few painstakingly-thorough trips to the mall, and browsed through countless online shops. Thanks to all of this investigating, I've found quite a few sites that offer chic yet affordable office attire. Read on for all of my wear-to-work website suggestions, as well as some of my favorite pieces from their collections!

1. Zara
While you may know Zara for their ultra-trendy (and often crazy) pieces, what many women don't know is that they have a great selection of simple staples that are perfect for the office.

2. New York & Company
I must have passed by New York & Company a hundred times during my trips to the mall, but I never gave the store a second glance until recently. However, with endless racks of cute business attire that's almost always on sale, they are certainly worth the look!

3. Express
Express has a knack for taking the usual dull office attire and giving it a chic, youthful twist. Plus, they generally have a killer sale section on their website as well as in-store.

4. J. Crew Factory
Though J. Crew can be a bit pricey, its little sister, J. Crew Factory, is much more affordable! I visit their site frequently to stock up on staples like button-downs and trousers.

5. The Limited
Unlike some of the other stores on this list, The Limited specializes in wear-to-work attire. They have a huge selection of everything you could possibly need for that new job, usually at deep discounts.

Now that I've shared some of my favorite stores for business casual, here are some of my top picks from their sites:

Did I miss a store you love? Share your recommendations in the comments below!

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